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handwoven - shawls in V-shape

a rainbow in V-shape
The advantage with a shawl in this shape is that it sits nicely on the wearer's shoulders - and, it also looks different...
I weave them in one piece. I am happy to take orders.

Some examples:

a V-shawl titled Fair Isle inspired from a thatched roof V-shaped, with a "mane" back, detail
They cost between 3000 and 6000 SEK, depending on material and technique. Contact me for further discussion.
With just two strands of reflective yarn one is easily seen even on a winter's night!
V-shawl with retro-reflective yarn Weave a V - book about how
Do yoy want to weave your own?
I have written a booklet on how to do it. It is available in both English and Swedish, see my webshop.

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