Bergdala Spinnhus

Academic dress for Linnæus University

The gown is worn by the Rector, Deans and Promotors on feast days.
The gown is made of black silk crêpe with silk facings in the yellow colour of Linnæus University. The sleeves have a narrow yellow edging.
It has a standing collar with the same yellow silk on the outside. On the inside it is black with small pleats, inspired by the Swedish doctors' hats.

Rector has a variant vith narrower facings and black collar.

Promotors at the ceremony in Kalmar May'10
The picture is from the ceremony in Kalmar in May 2010.

The promotors are preparing to don their laurel wreaths, to show that they are qualified to promote new doctors.

inside of collar, detail
outside of collar, detail
The pictures show details of the collar - the inside black, pleated; the outside with yellow silk satin.

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Bergdala Spinnhus
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