Bergdala Spinnhus

Rector's gown for Karolinska institutet

Karolinska institutet celebrated its 200-year jubilee in 2010.
They wanted new robes for the Rector and Pro-Rector, and the commission came to me.

I took inspirtion from the logotype of Karolinska Institutet, and proposed a design with a golden snake coiling around a rod.
After some discussions we had agreed on a robe design.
The gown is made of black velvet with details of bourgogne-coloured silk and golden ribbon appliqués.

This is the result:
Front of the gown
Detail of the sleeve
Detail of the appliqué
Collar and sleeve, back

Interested in knowing more about the making? Here is an excerpt from my blog (opens in new window).

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Bergdala Spinnhus
Bergdala 27
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